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Self-serve alcoholic beverage dispensing technology is attracting people, but it is challenging brand loyalty

Self-serving beverage dispensing technology is getting the market momentum, which is making easier for consumer to explore new drinks. Many major brands may need to adapt this technology to ensure consumer loyalty, says the analytics company.   Latest reports states that the new

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Deploying the right technologies is essential for retailers to survive

Technology has become a strategic imperative for all sectors and retail is not an exception. As retailers across the world scramble to lure customers and improve operational efficiencies, deploying the right digital technologies is essential for differentiation and survival. According

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Mobile Health (mHealth) Technologies – Interesting Applications of mHealth and Growth in Coming Years

Mobile Health (mHealth) basically makes use of communication technologies (ICT) and modern information to meet the needs of citizens, patients, healthcare professionals, healthcare providers as well as policy markets and it is also a branch of eHealth.  Mobile Health (mHealth) applica

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Future of Artificial Intelligence in Banking, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Robotic Process Automation – 32% Employees Using AI Tools per Survey

Continuous improvements in technology and the rapid growth of computing power mean that AI, a staple of science fiction for decades, is now becoming a reality. Products such as Watson, IBM’s cognitive AI service, are already helping businesses across multiple sectors improve their per

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