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Support Services

MarketsandReports.com is also a platform for Publishers to secure support for their publishing related activities in addition promoting their reports.

Generally, Publishers depend on multiple service providers to complete publishing work. Publishers need support for data sourcing, content aggregation, entity profiling, financial/data analysis, final editing of reports, and more. Technical writers need the support of Business Analysts to perform accurate market forecasting, and similarly Business Analysts need the support of domain experts.

Here is an offer from DART Consulting, the promoters of MarketsandReportscom, to provide services to industry report publishers. We have experienced support team to help publishers to bring out excellent industry reports. Our services are listed below;

  • Assessing Title Viability
  • Market Forecasting
  • Graphical Work
  • Industry Specific Data collection
  • Lead Generation
  • Profiling – Companies, Persons or Entities
  • Industry Specific Data collection
  • Proof Reading