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Dispute Resolution

DART Info Services Private Limited (hereinafter known as “DART”) is the legal entity of

Buying Process
All purchases from the are final. If anybody buys report related market research industry, and has any question about any transaction he/she should contact DART/Publisher before making the purchase decision/while buying online. Here is an option to contact publisher before making such purchase


The buying process begins with clicking on the purchase button of and making subsequent payment. There is no option to cancel your purchase through this portal and hence we do not offer refunds or accept returns, except in the case of returns of defective Reports/e-publication or refunds in circumstances where we are unable to supply the content you have ordered, and for which we have taken payment for reports . If you find a situation where you make payment and do not get the report then we are offering dispute resolution as follows.

Dispute Resolution

For buyers of our reports, DART provides multiple platforms for dispute resolutions, If any dispute arising out of the e-commerce transaction, DART is agreeable to engage the services of net-ARB -, an internet arbitration body, before going for judicial process assuming the user is also agreeable for the same. Both parties shall bear the cost of such arbitration from their fund/resources. DART is open for availing the dispute forum available in PayPal as well as the payment gateway CC Avenue.