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Self-serve alcoholic beverage dispensing technology is attracting people, but it is challenging brand loyalty

Self-serving beverage dispensing technology is getting the market momentum, which is making easier for consumer to explore new drinks. Many major brands may need to adapt this technology to ensure consumer loyalty, says the analytics company.   Latest reports states that the new

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Pharmaceutical firms ramp up investment in security products to secure critical data

Pharmaceutical firms require efficient technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, artificial intelligence and big data to manage info that is important to the development and production of successful drugs. As a result, pharmaceutical corporations are increasing t

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Why are millennials important?

    Everyone is talking about Millennials today and nearly every tourism marketer is making them a priority ,f or businesses involved in the travel and tourism sector, it is hard to ignore millennial travelers as they constitute around one-fifth of international tourists and

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The Future of Retail

                              In this highly competitive business landscape the offering is everything and businesses more than ever need to know their niche inside out. As consumers themselves are always chang

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